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Hydra facial



HydraFacial uses latest advance technology and formula to cleanse, extract, and hydrate your dedicate skin. HydraFacial washing away all the sebum stuck deep in the pores and allowing your skin cells to absorb all the nourishing ingredients. The treatment only lasts around 40 minutes with no down time, you could even have it on your lunch hour and leave with instantly gratifying glow!


What is Hydra Facial


The initial step of the HydraFacial focuses on cleansing and exfoliating the face to get rid of dead skin cells and excessive sebum, while a nourishing serum is massaged in. This serum contains lactic acid, which reduces acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles, and glucosamine, which hydrates skin. This is followed by infusing a solution of glycolic and salicylic acid with HydraFacial hand held device, which reduce fine lines, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, oiliness, uneven texture and redness. Treatment finished with relaxing a mini facial and lymphatic massage and medical facial mask of your choice.

Why Hydra Facial

Unlike traditional microdermabrasion and its more advanced versions, it won’t leave your skin very dry, red and almost scratched after treatment.  HydraFacial removes all skin debris such as: sebum and dead skin cells with gentle suction with specially formulated solution designed for different skin types.

Treatment Information

Treatment duration per session: 40 mins
Down time: No
What will I expect: instant healthier and glowing skin
Before treatment cautions: none.

Treatment Combination methods

When used with a combination of LED LIGHT THERAPY  and Hypo Allergic Acne Peel to prevent future acne breakouts and skin texture.