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Wrinkle Reduction and prevention:

Anti-wrinkle treatments work to soften and prevent unwanted facial lines in return to maintain a youthful and fresh look. The injectable anti-wrinkle product used for anti-wrinkle treatment is made from purified protein that temporarily relaxes facial muscles that have been causing your wrinkles. The amount of anti-wrinkle product needed per area is different depending on skin type, age and the severity of wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle dosage is measured per unit, to find out how much anti-wrinkle you need please book a consultation with us.

Crows Feet

Forehead lines

Frown lines

Other Treatment areas include:

Teeth grinding

Jaw Slimming

Calf slimming


Why Precise Cosmetic Clinic

With over 10 years treating experience in anti-wrinkle treatments. Precise Cosmetic Clinic ensure you have the most relaxing and professional treatment through initial consultation, treatment and post treatment care. Precise Cosmetic Clinic delicate offering an individualised wrinkle reduction services depending on your expectation.  We answering you concern and question 7 days a week.