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PRP face therapy is an innovative approach to facial skin rejuvenation – known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is sourced from your own blood supply therefore there will be no side-effects or allergy reaction.

PRP serum is rich in growth factors which is a strong epidermal growth factor to promoting skin cells regeneration and barrier repair. PRP face therapy is ideal treatment to skin sensitivity, skin laxity due to aging and excessive sun exposure or just want to simply restore volume and stay younger.

Scalp Treatment
When used in scalp treatment, our advanced PRP for hair loss treatment can regenerate and repair your damaged hair follicles, thickening and strengthening the hair.
Treatment Information
A minimal 6 treatment recommended for better and visible result.

Treatment duration per session: 50 mins
Down time: Yes

What will I expect: minimal- mild swelling, mild burning and warmth sensation, possible bruising

(can be cover with make-up and normally calm down in 24-48 hours), redness in treatment areas for 24-48 hours,

Before treatment cautions:
To minimise bruising and bleeding please avoid all sorts of anti-coagulates, blood thinners: such as fish oil and green tea.