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Skin Concerns

Skin problems include as : ENLARGE PORES | SKIN SENSITIVITY | UNEVEN SKIN TONE | OILY SKIN | SKIN LAXITY, Please book with us for a consultation.

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Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores can be contribute to a complexity of causes such as: aging, skin sagging, sun damage, genetic reasons and etc. Large pores more tend to be clogged with debris, oils, and sebum which will further cause skin inflammation such as acne and breakouts.

At Precise Cosmetic Clinic, we have dermal therapist and nurses have over 9 year experience in treating active acne and post acne scars with a combination of non- invasive intervention including : hydrafacial, acne clear treatment and LED light to improve you acne and skin condition with no downtime.

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Sensitive skin


The causes of sensitive skin vary from person to person.  sensitive skin can happen time to time with weather and climate change. This is due the shining and weakening of the epidermal layer which functioning as a barrier to the dermis. The key to restore healthy and youthful skin is regenerating and thickening the epidermis (the most outer layer of the skin).

Precise Cosmetic specialists utilise a combination of special formulated dermal barrier regeneration treatment together with PRP injections help you to restore youthful and healthy skin.

Recommend at least a course of 3 treatments.